What is Travel Nursing?
March 13, 2022

Travel nursing is when nurses take on short-term temporary positions across the nation to fill gaps where nursing shortages exist. Becoming a travel nurse requires a few considerations.

Educational Requirements 

For those considering being travel nurses, there are a few educational requirements they must meet, including;

  • Earn a BSN degree which takes at least four years
  • Earn an ADN degree which takes two years
  • Obtain a suitable license that is in good standing
  • Gain a minimum of 1-2 years of experience in the chosen nursing specialty
  • International nurses should speak the language of the country they intend to practice


Travel nurses should portray the following qualities to adapt well wherever they are moving;

  • Should thrive in challenges
  • Enjoy flexibility
  • Love’s learning new things
  • Enjoys experiencing new cities or towns
  • Thrives on challenges 


Anyone desiring to work as a travel nurse should fulfill the following duties;

  • Should educate families and patients
  • Assessing medications and fluids to be given to patients
  • Taking care of patients and also diagnosing them
  • Explaining tests such as lab work with which they’ve been diagnosed
  • Providing medicines during disasters to largely populated areas


Most travel nurses use independent staffing agencies to seek and secure positions wherever they desire. Their salary is dependent on the agencies. They look for agencies that offer the best compensation that fits their needs. Travel Nursing has many incentives for nurses regarding pay and benefits, which include;

  • Housing
  • Medical coverage
  • Travel reimbursement
  • Competitive pay
  • Retirement plans
  • Choice of location

Parting Shot

Travel Nursing is a significant venture. It’s developed in response to the nursing shortage in different places. Nevertheless, understand what it is and how it works before venturing into it.