Tips for Traveling with CF

When you have Cystic Fibrosis or CF, traveling can be a source of headache. That’s because you have to deal with travel planning, packing supplies, and have a crisis plan. Nevertheless, cystic fibrosis shouldn’t hinder you from adventuring.

Here are useful tips for traveling with CF to guide you:

Planning Your Trip

The first and most important thing to do when preparing to travel with CF is buying travel insurance. Although you may not use it, it’s still important. Also know the CF centers near your travel destination. When it comes to packing, carry cold medicines and organize supplies properly to reach out to them with ease. It’s also important to buy adaptors that suit different power outlets. Test travel nebulizer and sterilize it at your hotel. Talk to the management of the hotel where you intend to stay to find out if there will be a microwave in your room.


If you intend to take a flight, check the guidelines of your airlines. Find out if there is an exemption for medical supplies. Also check if the airport has guidelines regarding medical supplies and compare them with what your doctor says. It’s also crucial that you pack prescription medicines in their original packages or bottles.

Once inside the plane, avoid eating and sanitize the surrounding before you seat. Use your hand sanitizer more often and encourage travel companions to do the same. Keep sinuses hydrated by drinking water. Avoid coffee, alcohol, and sugared drinks.

On arriving at your travel destination, follow the same routine you follow at your home. Take care of yourself and always have extra medications. If you develop complications at your travel destination, talk to your doctor. When traveling alone, let the people you stay with at a hostel or a staff at the hotel know your condition. Also seek medical assistance at the nearby CF center if necessary.