Preparing for Holiday Travel- 5 Things to Know
July 19, 2021

Travel comes with higher risks since the emergence of the coronavirus. But people still travel during the holiday, regardless of the dangers of spreading or contracting the virus. However, traveling during Thanksgiving or Christmas is challenging for most people. If you intend to travel at this time, here are five things you need to know.

You Won’t Spot an Empty Airplane

While few people will be flying during the holidays, you can expect to travel in an empty airplane. That means you may not score a seat without a passenger sitting next to it. Therefore, prepare to travel in a crowded plane.

Expect Strict Covid-19 Testing

Airlines are increasingly becoming strict in testing passengers for Covid-19. And this is essential because it ensures the safety of travelers. Some airports require passengers to test negative for Covid-19 to avoid 14-day quarantine.

Preserve the Bubble even away from Home

Most friends and families can merge their bubbles during the holiday after testing negative for Covid-19. However, experts advise friends and families to quarantine before testing. Choosing a central meeting point like a vacation home can decrease the possibility of encountering strangers.

Prepare to Quarantine

In most cases, returning residents and visitors have to quarantine. Therefore, check territorial, state, local, and tribal health sites for the latest and current restrictions. Self-monitoring is the most common mandate. However, breaking the quarantine order will cost you fines of up to $10,000 or imprisonment of up to 15 days.

Drive Yourself to Enjoy Greater Control

Driving allows you to control your environment. That’s because you drive with your family or the people you live with back at home. However, picking your neighbor or individuals from other families will increase your infection risk. And the environment in your vehicle is tight and small, thereby improving your exposure if a passenger is infected.

Knowing what to expect when traveling during the holiday will help you avoid unnecessary stress and frustration. Therefore, research travel destinations and prepare accordingly.