How to Travel During Periods
March 29, 2020

Periods are a sign of your reproductive health and overall wellness. As such, it should not be a reason for you not to go on that long-awaited trip. With just a few tricks up your sleeve, traveling during periods could be an experience of a lifetime. Check out the following tips for traveling during periods. 

Get to Know Your Menstrual Cycle in Advance 

While periods can sometimes be unpredictable, you can still chart your cycle and know when the periods are likely to occur. Compare the travel dates with your menstrual cycle to know if the periods will occur during the adventure. In that way, you will be prepared whenever it begins. 

Pack a Period Travel Kit 

Whether you suspect or are sure that your periods will occur during the trip, the best idea for staying safe is carrying a period travel kit. The kit should contain all the tools and supplies for combating discomfort and camps such as painkillers, tampons or pads, spare panties, and heating pads. It would also be advisable to pack some emergency supplies like cleaning wipes and plastic bags. 

Wear Comfortable Clothes 

Periods usually come with various symptoms that could impact serious discomfort if you are wearing tight clothes. Consider wearing loose-fitting clothes and comfortable underwear to keep the body relaxed. 

Drink Plenty of Water 

Foremost, the air pressure in the cabin usually keeps fluctuating and that could leave you dehydrated. Besides, menstrual flow also dehydrates the body, impacting exhaustion. To avoid all these, it is advisable to carry a bottle of drinking water on your journey. 

Consider Booking Aisle Seat

Due to the periods and the lots of water that you drink, you are likely to visit the washrooms a couple of times during the flight. Booking an aisle seat will offer you an easier time maneuvering the plane to get the washrooms. 

While periods can be unpredictable, you do not want them to compromise your trip. The above tips will help you prepare and conduct yourself for memorable adventures during your periods.