How Often Should You Travel?

How Often Should You Travel

You have a busy life that leaves you no adequate time to travel. However, you still need to take time off and travel. So according to a Gutters Blogger I follow that once gave out some good pointers and asked the perfect question of, how often should you travel every year? Generally, there are several factors that should determine how often you travel.


Your availability is one of the major factors that should dictate how often you travel. If you have a business to run or a full-time job, you may not be available to travel any time you want. As such, you need to plan your trips depending on your schedule at work. How often you should travel will therefore depend on your availability.


What activities do you yearn to engage in? Traveling is largely about sightseeing and engaging in activities that make you break away from the routine. It’s about having fun away from home and relaxing. However, there are times when you can and can’t engage in some activities. Therefore, how often you travel depends on the possibilities of engaging in the activities that you want.


Everybody wants to travel but they don’t have enough funds for their trips. Basically, you have financial obligations that you consider important than traveling. That means you can only travel after you have taken care of certain financial responsibilities. As such, how often you travel will depend on the availability of funds for your trip.


Sometimes you just want to get a way for some time. Some people take even a year planning for a trip. During this time, they save money and conduct research on their travel destinations. If they have businesses, they designate responsibilities to other people. You can also take an off from work to travel. Thus, how often you travel may depend on your plans.

Basically, there is no perfect formula for determining how often you should travel. Simply do what suits your life, schedule and budget.

Hiking Trails of the Canadian Rockies: A Comprehensive Guide


The Canadian Rockies, a segment of the North American Rocky Mountains, are renowned for their stunning scenery and diverse hiking trails. This comprehensive guide is your key to exploring these majestic mountains, offering insights into the best trails, preparation tips, and much more. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or a beginner, these trails promise an unforgettable experience amidst nature’s finest.

Top Trails in the Canadian Rockies

1. Lake Agnes Tea House Trail

  • Description: Starting at Lake Louise, this moderate trail leads to the charming Lake Agnes Tea House.
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Scenic Spots: Mirror Lake, Lake Agnes, and the Tea House

2. Skyline Trail, Jasper

  • Description: Known for its breathtaking vistas, the Skyline Trail is one of Jasper National Park’s most famous hikes.
  • Difficulty: Challenging
  • Must-See Views: The Notch, the highest point on the trail, offers panoramic views.

3. Sentinel Pass

  • Description: This trail takes you through Larch Valley to Sentinel Pass, surrounded by towering peaks.
  • Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult
  • Highlights: Larch Valley in autumn, views of Paradise Valley

Preparing for Your Hike

Gear Essentials

  • Proper hiking boots
  • Weather-appropriate clothing
  • Navigation tools (map, compass, or GPS)

Safety Tips

  • Always hike with a buddy
  • Inform someone about your hike plan
  • Be wildlife aware

Best Times to Visit

  • Summer (June to September) for the most accessible trails
  • Fall for fewer crowds and stunning autumn foliage

Wildlife and Environment

Common Wildlife Sightings

  • Grizzly and black bears
  • Elk, deer, and mountain goats

Environmental Considerations

  • Stay on designated trails
  • Carry out all trash

Leave No Trace Principles

  • Respect wildlife
  • Leave what you find

Accommodations and Facilities

Nearby Lodgings

  • Mountain lodges
  • Campgrounds for a more rustic experience

Trail Amenities

  • Restrooms at trailheads
  • Limited amenities on backcountry trails

Hiking with Family

Family-friendly Trails

  • Johnston Canyon: Easy and engaging for kids
  • Peyto Lake: Short and offers stunning lake views

Tips for Hiking with Children

  • Start with shorter hikes
  • Make frequent stops to explore and rest


Q1: What is the best time of year to hike in the Canadian Rockies?
A1: The best time is from late June to early September, when most trails are snow-free and accessible.

Q2: Are there any permit requirements for hiking in the Canadian Rockies?
A2: Some areas require a parking pass or a backcountry permit, especially for overnight trips.

Q3: Is wildlife a concern on these trails?
A3: While wildlife encounters can happen, taking precautions like making noise and carrying bear spray can reduce risks.


Exploring the hiking trails of the Canadian Rockies is an adventure that offers both challenge and reward. Each trail presents its unique vistas, wildlife, and experiences. Whether you’re seeking solitude, a family outing, or an epic journey through alpine landscapes, these trails provide an unparalleled connection to nature. Remember to hike responsibly, respect the environment, and embrace the beauty of the Canadian Rockies.…

Budget Travel Tips for Texas

Texas is among the best places to tour in the United States. Its many attractions draw people globally. However, you may have a tight budget that limits your travel plans. These practical tips will help you save money and enjoy touring this state.

Travel During the Shoulder Seasons

Consider visiting Texas in the spring or fall since the weather is pleasant, but the peak tourist season has passed. And this can result in lower prices for accommodations and attractions.

Look For Affordable Accommodation Options

Instead of staying at expensive hotels, consider budget-friendly alternatives like hostels, guesthouses, or vacation rentals. Websites like Airbnb, Hostelworld, and can help you find affordable options.

Take Advantage of Free Attractions

Texas has plenty of free attractions and activities to enjoy. Explore state and national parks, stroll through charming neighborhoods, visit public museums with free admission days, or relax on the beaches along the Gulf Coast.

Plan Your Meals Wisely

Eating out can quickly add up, so consider a mix of dining options. Take advantage of affordable food trucks, local street vendors, and casual restaurants to save money on meals. Additionally, grocery stores and farmers’ markets can be great places to pick up snacks and picnic supplies.

Research Discounts and Deals

Look for discounts and deals on attractions, transportation, and accommodations. Check websites like Groupon or Travelzoo for discounted rates, and consider purchasing passes for savings on multiple sites.

Utilize Public Transportation

Texas has various public transportation options in its major cities. Utilize buses, light rail, or subway systems to get around town instead of taxis or rideshare services, which can be more expensive.

Take Advantage of Free Walking Tours

Many cities in Texas offer free walking tours led by local volunteers passionate about their city. These tours provide an excellent opportunity to explore and learn about Texas’ history and culture without spending a dime.

Explore Free Outdoor Activities

Texas is known for its stunning natural landscapes. Take advantage of the many hiking trails, parks, and beaches available for free or at a minimal cost. Enjoy activities like swimming, hiking, biking, or picnicking in the great outdoors.

Consider a Texas State Parks Pass

If you want to tour multiple state parks in Texas, purchasing an annual Texas State Parks Pass can save you money. It provides unlimited entry to more than 90 state parks and can quickly pay for itself if you visit several parks during your trip.

Stay Hydrated and Pack Snacks

Texas can have hot weather, so it’s essential to stay hydrated. Carry a refillable water bottle whenever possible to avoid buying expensive bottled water. Pack snacks like granola bars, nuts, or fruit to avoid unnecessary food expenses.

Plan your itinerary, prioritize your must-visit attractions, and watch for local events or festivals that offer free or low-cost entertainment. With careful planning and these budget travel tips, you can have an enjoyable trip to Texas without breaking the bank.…

Top Travel Trends to Watch in 2023

Even if the travel industry is quickly recovering, many parts of the travel landscape have changed due to shifting travel patterns and modes of transportation after businesses recovered from closures brought on by governmental restrictions. Here are the top travel trends you should be aware of for 2023 and beyond.

Traveling Off-Grid

Off-grid experiences are among the top trends for 2023 since most tourists are eager to reconnect with nature and put an end to their continual device use. According to a survey, more than 50% of vacationers want to disconnect entirely from the outside world by practicing survival skills like fire-making and food-foraging.

Cultural Encounters

Instead of relaxing at an all-inclusive resort, many tourists in 2023 are keen to discover new cultures, foods, and languages and travel to underappreciated locations worldwide. Therefore, the upcoming year will be a perfect time to travel to undiscovered places with thriving tourism sectors.

The Nostalgia Trip

Reminiscence vacations are a popular travel trend for 2023 because so many people are interested in them. Visits to theme parks like Disney World are standard on nostalgic vacations. Adult fans of the rapidly expanding company are passionate about returning to their destinations from their youth. They also enjoy family reunion vacations, which is not surprising given how important it is to reconnect with family members after a prolonged separation.

Trips on a Bucket List

Since they have realized that life is too short for them to postpone visiting those dream locations for someday, travelers in 2023 are willing to splurge on their travel dreams. They are prepared to make the most of their escape windows and make every second count. They are, however, approaching it economically.

The Bottom Line

This article has demonstrated that many people have re-evaluated and re-prioritized what is essential in their lives, including travel. In light of the trends mentioned above for 2023, you can keep creating new vacation ideas and enjoying new experiences. …

Practical Affordable Travel Tips

You may have had some unpleasant travel experiences because of some avoidable mistakes. For example, you may have bought drinking water at an exorbitant price because you assumed water is cheap anywhere. You should always have some travel tips with you that you can apply to enhance your experience while avoiding unpleasant surprises.

Affordable Accommodation

You may contemplate staying in the lavish hotels you find because of the fancy marketing messages. Consider that accommodation will be a significant part of your travel budget. Yet, the primary purpose of traveling is to explore rather than stay in a hotel. Therefore, look for cheaper hotels that offer discounts but are clean and comfortable.

Carry Drinking Water

Water is life; you will need safe and clean water to quench your thirst when traveling. Don’t assume that clean drinking water is readily and easily available everywhere. Carry your drinking water just in case you come to a place where there is no clean drinking water or is too expensive. Ideally, you can also refill your water bottle whenever you come across a convenient source.

Avoid Shopping

Shopping can make your travel experience much better. However, it will come at a cost. You can quickly forget that you are traveling for exploration and focus on shopping. Don’t confuse the two. While you can buy a few things for memories, don’t go overboard shopping for clothes, jewelry, and other things you can buy when not traveling.

Use Local

You will find many unique local foods, products, and services wherever you go. In most cases, this local stuff will be cheaper than foreign ones. Therefore, you could find excellent local substitutes instead of expensive international brands and things. Trying local stuff is also an addition to your travel experience in exploration.…

What is Travel Nursing?

Travel nursing is when nurses take on short-term temporary positions across the nation to fill gaps where nursing shortages exist. Becoming a travel nurse requires a few considerations.

Educational Requirements 

For those considering being travel nurses, there are a few educational requirements they must meet, including;

  • Earn a BSN degree which takes at least four years
  • Earn an ADN degree which takes two years
  • Obtain a suitable license that is in good standing
  • Gain a minimum of 1-2 years of experience in the chosen nursing specialty
  • International nurses should speak the language of the country they intend to practice


Travel nurses should portray the following qualities to adapt well wherever they are moving;

  • Should thrive in challenges
  • Enjoy flexibility
  • Love’s learning new things
  • Enjoys experiencing new cities or towns
  • Thrives on challenges 


Anyone desiring to work as a travel nurse should fulfill the following duties;

  • Should educate families and patients
  • Assessing medications and fluids to be given to patients
  • Taking care of patients and also diagnosing them
  • Explaining tests such as lab work with which they’ve been diagnosed
  • Providing medicines during disasters to largely populated areas


Most travel nurses use independent staffing agencies to seek and secure positions wherever they desire. Their salary is dependent on the agencies. They look for agencies that offer the best compensation that fits their needs. Travel Nursing has many incentives for nurses regarding pay and benefits, which include;

  • Housing
  • Medical coverage
  • Travel reimbursement
  • Competitive pay
  • Retirement plans
  • Choice of location

Parting Shot

Travel Nursing is a significant venture. It’s developed in response to the nursing shortage in different places. Nevertheless, understand what it is and how it works before venturing into it. …

Preparing for Holiday Travel- 5 Things to Know

Travel comes with higher risks since the emergence of the coronavirus. But people still travel during the holiday, regardless of the dangers of spreading or contracting the virus. However, traveling during Thanksgiving or Christmas is challenging for most people. If you intend to travel at this time, here are five things you need to know.

You Won’t Spot an Empty Airplane

While few people will be flying during the holidays, you can expect to travel in an empty airplane. That means you may not score a seat without a passenger sitting next to it. Therefore, prepare to travel in a crowded plane.

Expect Strict Covid-19 Testing

Airlines are increasingly becoming strict in testing passengers for Covid-19. And this is essential because it ensures the safety of travelers. Some airports require passengers to test negative for Covid-19 to avoid 14-day quarantine.

Preserve the Bubble even away from Home

Most friends and families can merge their bubbles during the holiday after testing negative for Covid-19. However, experts advise friends and families to quarantine before testing. Choosing a central meeting point like a vacation home can decrease the possibility of encountering strangers.

Prepare to Quarantine

In most cases, returning residents and visitors have to quarantine. Therefore, check territorial, state, local, and tribal health sites for the latest and current restrictions. Self-monitoring is the most common mandate. However, breaking the quarantine order will cost you fines of up to $10,000 or imprisonment of up to 15 days.

Drive Yourself to Enjoy Greater Control

Driving allows you to control your environment. That’s because you drive with your family or the people you live with back at home. However, picking your neighbor or individuals from other families will increase your infection risk. And the environment in your vehicle is tight and small, thereby improving your exposure if a passenger is infected.

Knowing what to expect when traveling during the holiday will help you avoid unnecessary stress and frustration. Therefore, research travel destinations and prepare accordingly.…

Things to Know About Traveling to Jamaica

Jamaica is a Caribbean paradise with pristine reef-lined sandy beaches, lush mountain ranges, rainforests, and incredible cultural indulgences that provide truly unique and memorable travel experiences. It also boasts historical sites, lavish beach resorts, and a buzzing nightlife scene. However, here’s what you should know when planning a Jamaican adventure. 

You Can Bargain for Lower Prices 

Jamaica is one of the places where the prices of products and services depend on where you shop and who you are. The good news is that most of the vendors are always willing to strike bargains. Whether you are buying art, clothing, jewelry, or even food, do not hesitate to bargain for lower prices. However, you should be respectful and reasonable about it. 

Jamaica is Hot and Humid 

In Jamaica, the weather remains hot and humid most times of the year. That makes it a great destination for beach vacations. Considering the humid weather, you should pack light clothing. Although you can wear shorts and short sleeve tops across the island, try to keep things modest and, carry at least one formal cloth. 

Culture is Overwhelming 

The culture of the Jamaican people is one of the reasons you will want to visit the island as often as possible. Jamaica has benefited from tourism for over forty years and, both the authorities and locals want visitors to always have the most fulfilling adventures on the island. Despite the evident economic disparity, the people are generally warm and friendly with parties at almost every street corner. The island boasts an electric entertainment scene fueled by live music, exhibitions, and shows, food, and drinks. To experience authentic Jamaican culture, move away from the resorts to the beaches, streets, and countryside.

Overall, Jamaica is an incredible travel destination for vacations, adventure tours as well as weekend getaways. Keeping the above tips in mind during your visit will enable you to ensure a fun and memorable experience. …

How to Travel Safely During a Pandemic

Many people love traveling. They consider it a lively activity or a hobby. But a pandemic like COVID-19 can restrict some people from traveling. This disease is caused by a highly infectious virus. The World Health Organization has advised people to avoid unnecessary travels, maintain social distance, wash hands regularly, and wear masks in public places to curb the spread of this virus. But, some people still want to travel. So, how do you travel safely during this pandemic? Here are tips to ensure your safety when traveling during a pandemic. 

Make Safety Your Priority 

Many countries and states are easing the restrictions they had put in place to curb the spread of coronavirus. However, this doesn’t mean it is okay to travel normally. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recommended several ways to ensure your security when traveling. 

These are as follows: 

  • Maintain a social distance of at least 6 feet in public places 
  • Avoid crowded places 
  • Wear a face mask 
  • Avoid touching the nose, mouth, and eyes 
  • Cover sneezes and coughs 
  • Wash or sanitize your hands more often 

Follow these measures when traveling to ensure your safety when traveling during a pandemic. 

Check Restrictions in Your Travel Destination 

Different states and countries have varying restrictions when it comes to traveling during a pandemic. To avoid unpleasant delays and surprises, check for these restrictions in advance. Find out where you’re allowed to stop and what you’re expected to do at different places. 

The local or state health department is the best provider of such information. Therefore, check the website of the health department of your state and your travel destination before you travel. This will enable you to take effective measures that will ensure your safety when traveling during a pandemic. 

Research is paramount when it comes to traveling during a pandemic. It enables you to gather relevant and useful information about your travel destination and the measures to take to ensure your safety. …

How to Travel During Periods

Periods are a sign of your reproductive health and overall wellness. As such, it should not be a reason for you not to go on that long-awaited trip. With just a few tricks up your sleeve, traveling during periods could be an experience of a lifetime. Check out the following tips for traveling during periods. 

Get to Know Your Menstrual Cycle in Advance 

While periods can sometimes be unpredictable, you can still chart your cycle and know when the periods are likely to occur. Compare the travel dates with your menstrual cycle to know if the periods will occur during the adventure. In that way, you will be prepared whenever it begins. 

Pack a Period Travel Kit 

Whether you suspect or are sure that your periods will occur during the trip, the best idea for staying safe is carrying a period travel kit. The kit should contain all the tools and supplies for combating discomfort and camps such as painkillers, tampons or pads, spare panties, and heating pads. It would also be advisable to pack some emergency supplies like cleaning wipes and plastic bags. 

Wear Comfortable Clothes 

Periods usually come with various symptoms that could impact serious discomfort if you are wearing tight clothes. Consider wearing loose-fitting clothes and comfortable underwear to keep the body relaxed. 

Drink Plenty of Water 

Foremost, the air pressure in the cabin usually keeps fluctuating and that could leave you dehydrated. Besides, menstrual flow also dehydrates the body, impacting exhaustion. To avoid all these, it is advisable to carry a bottle of drinking water on your journey. 

Consider Booking Aisle Seat

Due to the periods and the lots of water that you drink, you are likely to visit the washrooms a couple of times during the flight. Booking an aisle seat will offer you an easier time maneuvering the plane to get the washrooms. 

While periods can be unpredictable, you do not want them to compromise your trip. The above tips will help you prepare and conduct yourself for memorable adventures during your periods.  

Romantic Travel Traditions for Couples

Memories are not only made out of bigger and lavish travel adventures. Most of the time, small and less-serious acts make the greatest impacts on our hearts and minds. Over the years, travelers have come up with various travel traditions to strengthen their memories about different adventures. The following are key romantic travel traditions for couples that you should try out when planning a trip with your partner. 

Setting Up a Countdown Timer 

The trip can only be fun if you are both excited about it. And, one of the ways to build up that anticipation is by setting up a countdown timer to the date of departure. It will serve as a constant reminder of important experience that both of you will no doubt be delighted to attend. 

Learning A Few Local Phrases 

Before heading out on vacation, you and your partner can also spend some time learning some words in the local language spoken at your destination. You can learn how to say hi, thank you and order food at the local eateries. If you want to surprise your partner, you can also learn the phrases alone and use them when you arrive at the destination. 

Creating Photo Series of Your Trips 

No trip is complete without romantic photos to celebrate your union. Instead of the normal random photos, you can create a series of photos with specific themes that depict your unique interests and adventures. 

Keeping a Travel Journal

When traveling as a couple, it is easy to get absorbed into the events that you won’t even remember it all later.  While photos can still preserve the memories, writing down your experiences in a small notebook makes the adventures quite hard to forget. A travel journal is a novelty that provides an authentic account of adventures to be cherished for a lifetime. 

There are more travel traditions for couples that you can also try for memorable romantic adventures including collecting meaningful souvenirs, hosting a travel theme date night before departure and going on trips during each partner’s birthday.